Nutrition's Role in the Aging Process

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" -MAHATMA GANDHI

First and foremost there is no better expert for diagnosing skin problems and conditions than your own doctor or dermatologist. There are however ways to improve the appearance of your skin caused by the garden variety issues that come with the advance of time. If your skin appears to be aging prematurely there may be some underlying factors that could be contributing to its rapid decline.

Alcohol: Alcohol is a large contributing factor to premature aging. Any heavy or moderate drinking done contin-uously will dehydrate the body and inhibit skin regeneration. This may also lead to burst capillaries and ruddiness of the skin which will diminish your complexion. The best amount of alcohol is no amount, but for everyday living when you do imbibe try to keep it to one glass at the most.

Hydrate: It would seem natural that as the body is made up of mostly water we would keep hydration a top priority. Unfortunately studies show most American's drink less water per day than recommended. You can set a personal goal or try to make a habit of drinking more water but unfortunately I have found that without strict tracking my adherences to goals such as these never comes to fruition. If you already have a sports tracker watch I recommend one of their add-ons. This water bottle tracks your water intake and is connected to your smart phone. It is great to act as a constant reminder to drink more water. Drinking enough water increase body's metabolism and eliminates harmful toxins harming our skin out of the body.

Stress: Common stress factors include overwork, not enough sleep, and restlessness, however some may be more subtle. The harmful effects of sleeplessness cannot be cured with by artificial buzz of caffeine overload, neither can any supplement replace vital sleep rejuvenation. Early to bed and early to rise is still a good advice. High stress leads to great level of free radicals which ultimately harm our cells, including the mitochondria; the body's power plants. Highest concentration of mitochondria are in three key tissues: the brain, heart and muscles. Facial muscles are intact with the skin. Therefore our face is the first place to visibly show the aging process. Such free radical damage to mitochondria accumulates over time can impair metabolism and energy production; leading to cellular aging. The damage can go beyond mitochondria and damage the cellular components, including DNA. In order to minimize free radical damage, antioxidants are an important part of an anti-aging regimen protecting against both mitochondrial and DNA damage. Antioxidants are found abundantly in fruits and vegetables and in a well balanced diet.

S3 Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner

One of the indicators used at Pure Serenity Skincare is the S3 Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner. This powerful technology is available to measure antioxidants non-invasively in the body in order to help people monitor their antioxidant level on regular basis. By tracking these levels we will know if we have deficiencies in our nutrition and how to take the necessary actions to remedy the situation. Our goal and focus at Pure Serenity skincare is to improve and maintain the health and wellness of the skin and to preserve the integrity and youthfulness of our clients who are and have been our continuous support and inspiration throughout the years.

If you have more specific skincare needs, please do not hesitate to call or email us here at PureSerenity Skincare. We provide information tailored specifically to each client's unique individual needs.



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